IPad blogging, hindsight and Japan

WordPress seems to offer a simple application for daily or topic based blogs. Easy to set up an account, though I did find it easier to use my desk based pc to create the wordpress account.

As I am still waiting for my camera connectivity kit, and The software to manipulate those images on the iPad, but then I hope to be able to add pictures to support the blog.

Typing on the iPad is quite easy, though I am not a touch typist, rather more of a ‘hunt and peck’ typed. The keyboard, built-in, exhibits a tiny ‘click’ as each finger tip stab is registered providing some degree of feedback.

I have been going to the website http://earthquakes.tafoni.net/ as it shows, overlaid on google maps, the sheer number of earthquakes in and around northern Japan in the last week. The tectonic plate sub ducting under Japan seems to be generating an earthquake storm and my first thought, was that southern Japan seems to suffer very few earthquakes, so why did they not build their power stations a) in the south and b) Inland from the coast or on the western coasts to negate the effect of a tsunami. Hindsight, a wonderful tool! My previous managers used the tool of ‘hindsight’ as the preferred weapon of choice for needless disciplinarian.

I am starting to feel comfortable using the iPad as a blogging tool, and look forward to getting the adaptor thingy so that I can add pictures on the move.


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