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Summer sunshine finds my garden flowers

April 9, 2011

This weekend is a typical English Summer weekend, for out from nowhere appeared clear blue skies, a gentle breeze and hours upon hours of unending sunshine.

I have taken the chance, to spend a few moments in my greenhouse hide-away to make my first new tech blog. I have a new small camera, and my iPad and a head full of ideas.

The garden is beautiful this time of year with the spring flowers in abundance, sadly, the only ‘fly in the ointment’ is a close neighbour has a radio station playing full blast with electronic screaming, badly rhyming lyrics and a discordant cacophony.

I can hear a Robin nearby declaring his intent to be the noisiest bird on the block and his chirrups, whistles and unabashed song lift me and fill me with a need to start writing.

I have connected the camera memory card to the Apple IPad adapter and plugged same into the slot in the iPad, downloaded the images and have to select one for publication.

Dan de-lion, who’s spectacularly golden head reflects the sunlight vividly among the sea of deep green leaves that form the rest of the plant. Many, including my partner, bless her, feel the humble dandelion to be a weed, an unwelcome invader, and a plant to be removed at all costs. But for me, it is a dazzling celebration of the changing air that tells me winter is past and that apart from wind and rain, the sun has again come to my home. This incredibly powerful plant, simply in it’s design, unchanged for countless millennia, carries so many good things for the pharmacist, for the artist and for those who use the flowers as a year clock, describing each change in season as accurately as any escapement regulated clock on the mantelpiece.




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