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Beeping Carbon Monoxide Detector, SF350EN

December 19, 2011


last night the carbon monoxide detector you gave us, started to emit a single beep every few moments. I know this means the battery is low. My partner hid the thing so we could sleep and deal later.

I called the given number and listened to an awful lot of stuff before getting to the point, wait for it, you wont believe me here,. but the voice instructed me to find a cocktail stick or electricians screwdriver…

The robotic voice carried on while I searched for the said items and then told me to press number nine. I did so, no effect, wait, yes… I got a dial tone…
Now I had the detector going beep every moment or so and a cocktail stick. I started to poke the cocktail stick in each of its little holes trying to work out why I was armed with a small wooden pointy thing.

I jabbed a number of small holes and then broke the end off the cocktail stick. No problem, I have another stick, and retrieved it. The device still beeps quite alarmingly every moment. Batteries may be flat or not, but this thing refuses to die no matter what hole I jab with cocktail sticks. It’s hard to believe in this day and age of sophisticated electronic equipment, a company uses its help line to promote a magazine for a product I have never used and then tells me to arm myself with a cocktail stick.

Now, we have a beeping carbon monoxide detector and a small pile of broken cocktail sticks, so I tried to call another number, useless, so threw the whole shebang into the waste bin in the kitchen.

It still beeps.

I retrieved it from the waste bin.(but left the broken cocktail sticks in the bin)

I recall that some detectors have toxic metals inside them, I don’t know if they are safely contained or not, I have to assume they ( the toxic metals) are open to the air and are used as part of the Carbon Monoxide detection.

So now, to be more accurate, I have a plastic container, containing toxic metals, sitting on my counter top annoying the hell out of me and beeping in a manner to frustrate.

Please, can you let me know:-
a) How to get rid of it.
b) How to replace it?

Most sincerely Yours

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