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We need to make immigration unatractive

April 27, 2013

Looking back in History, England has been created by successive invaders filling our land with their own countrymen. Our country has a rich history of people influx, you only have to look at our language to see that so many root words come from far and wide.

Our Christianity is a recent thing as the Brits have had other religious leanings over time. Were it not for a few recent kings, and queens, we would not have the religious base we have and the Monarchy that drives it.

Immigration, sometimes wholesale immigration, has been the building blocks of our society as we know it. Why should that change now?  Could it be that this is the first time in thousands of years we have been able to measure the rate of immigration, or the source of immigration and believe we have some kind of control over it?

While we have people who can work, we have the ability to have a thriving economy, so a question is, does that work need to be done by residents of this country, or by immigrants entering the country for the first time?

Employers want to pay the least they can get away with, while demanding longer hours and greater output. Many resident potential employees see it as beneath them to work for long hours, doing hard dirty work, for little or no pay, and while the Government doles out free money for the asking, why should our potential employees go out to work?

But what if those low wages are a fortune to a work hungry immigrant, then we have willing employees and happy employers, we have the basis of a thriving economy.  The sad thing is, our resident workshy potential employees are not benefiting from this exchange.

After a few years, those work hungry immigrants are now stable and have raised their expectations, so when the next round of jobs comes along, they too feel it is beneath them to work for such low wages and give up those jobs to another round of new immigrants who are work hungry.

In my local town of Crewe, I see Polish people who once worked for wages so low many Brits would not have entertained, now they are settled, have their own homes and community, have children and are going to school, and while they won’t work for the low wages offered, sadly let those jobs go to newer immigrants. The Polish people in Crewe people are not bad people, there is no reason to suggest they should not stay, and it would never solve the immigration problem if someone suggested that long term immigrants who have outstayed their welcome should return to their home lands.

Indeed, for many of the Polish people in Crewe, having been born here, find this is their home, this is their language and the place they call home, they rightly need their parents to stay here.

I think to resolve immigration, we have to make it distasteful for unemployed people to want to come to our country. To do that, we need to remove some of the safety barriers. We need to stop giving money to unemployed people. Yes we can pay their rent, supply food stamps and clothing stamps once a month, but the wholesale free ride needs to stop. We need to stop giving away health care and we need to stop sending immigrants to prison.

Our people are resourceful people, second only to the Chinese, and I am confident that should the incentive present itself, Brits can rise to solve any problem they come across. If they needed to make things, dig the ground, or pick fruit, lay roads, build bridges, make aeroplanes or discover inert toxins in a lab, they can do this.

When they need to find a home, they will find a home. When they need work, they will make work, when they need help they will find help.

We need to change the way our government works, reduce the free rides and the free money for the very wealthy. We need to be able  to pay a fair wage for a fair days work, and that means our employers have to understand that minimum pay is not enough. Maybe now is the time to reduce our imports so that our own manufacturing base can thrive.  We need to end this just-in-time economy,  this service-based economy is false and only feeds the very wealthy.

Immigration is not the cause of this weak economy, it is the result of it. 

Stop giving the free health care to immigrants, the free unemployment money and cheap housing to them, replace prison with deportation. It is time to control the Visas we give away, and the passport supply to potential immigrants.

We need to close our borders by making our country unattractive to unemployed visitors.

Our island is, and always have been a sanctuary to those oppressed in other countries, and those people have often turned out to be the very cornerstones of our society, they come with  a need to work and support their families, and we should continue to embrace their arrival, after all, it is they who have made us who we are. But now, we need to turn off the tap of free money and health care, we need to work and become socially strong and destroy the myth of this country of ours being an easy touch.

Give Scotland Independence.

April 23, 2013

Ordinarily, I would vote that we made Great Britain stronger, we should argue for more influence overseas, we should invest in manufacturing as we have the world’s best engineers and tradesmen in the world. I would vote that we strengthen our manufacturing, financial and scientific strengths until we can better dominate the world economy.

Where do you thing the term Great Britain came from, by being the best in the world, being the strongest in the world and by being the home of invention, the sciences and engineering. That is what made Great Britain great.

We fought wars in other countries because we owned those countries, we had all their products and their peoples. We not only protected what was ours, but what was theirs too.  We protected our freedom to  go anywhere in the world for any reason, we could practice our religion anywhere and at any time. We collected taxes from nearly every country in the world, and that made Britain strong beyond comprehension. We painted most of the map pink, most of the globe had ‘(U.K.)’ next to the name of almost every island in the World.

Great Britain, with Wales, Scotland and Ireland gave us a base to be the World Superpower.
Ok, so now things are not so good, but it is ok. As a world Power, we have come back from less, but if Scotland wants now to separate from us, then my vote is to build that wall north of Cumberland once again and seal it up. 

The Scots seem unwilling to want to be a part of the greatest nation this planet has ever known, so my view is simply to let them have their freedom.

We would have to withdraw our military from their lands, and our currency would be no longer available to them. The oil we discovered in the North Sea we will have to pipe to England instead of Scotland, but that’s ok as we own the Shetlands and can use that as an oil base. Scotland will pay nicely for Oil and Gas from us.

The Scots have no National Health, so they will end up paying for every prescription at market rates, sadly, the poor will become very poor, and the unemployed will become destitute and homeless as they do not have our financial wealth to support a beneficial social system. They have little farming, so will be buying their food on the open market, benefitting the Brits as suppliers of grain and meat and milk.

The Scottish armed forces will  be folded, as when the Queen rescinds her allegiance to them, they will have no commander in chief, unless you count a rather boisterous politician as being that. Let us recap,  no Army Air force or Navy, no healthcare, no banking and no oil or gas, their feudal land barons will fight among themselves for territory with what, sheep, fishing and golf?

Scotland will be begging to be let back into the European Union as that membership will cease when they separate from us, but with a nation poorer than Cyprus I fear they have little chance of gaining entry, as it does not take that much to see they would be forever cap in hand looking to the EU to bail them out.

Is it sad that Scotland wants to leave the Union of the Strongest society with the most freedoms, yes it is, but think about it, what do you do with dead wood?

Scaffold Gazebo

April 22, 2013

Scaffold Gazebo.

Scaffold Gazebo

April 22, 2013

My younger sister came up with an interesting and simple idea.  Her problem was that the standard off-the-shelf gazebo from the DIY shops has no strength, is a bit weedy, won’t last five minutes.


With the luxury of a few pieces of scaffold and a few scaffold elbow joints, a quick twist of an Allen key and hey presto, one primitive Gazebo. We drilled a few eye bolts into the wall to stop it from wanting to move around, checked the uprights for verticallity and were done.

It all looks a bit primitive in its unadorned state, but once my sister has festooned it with shiny things, windmills and plants in bottles, it will look rather splendid I am sure.

Anything but Wireless

April 15, 2013
Sometime I feel a need to explore something or another. I am not sure if I am trying to relive events in my past, or just try things out for fun. A long time ago I was a communications technician in the Royal Air Force and though my life was filled with, well, life I suppose, I never got around to exploring Amateur Radio.
 I knew of HAMs, and completely understood the technology and equipment they used, the way the ionosphere worked to enable them to get great distances with their Morse code, the mechanics of their equipment, transmitters and receivers, but never found the need to actually get the license and try it.
Now I am retired, I have a reasonable computer system and a spare room. Here in this room I play my days away, tinkering, writing, messing about with wires, servo’s, camera parts,  thing-a-ma-jigs and doo-hickies. I discovered that I can explore the radio spectrum using a long wire to a nearby tree, a radio receiver dongle that plugs into a USB socket on my PC and some free software known as HDSDR.
A ‘HAM’ would have a high quality Receiver, a well balanced antenna system, excellent recording equipment, and a relationship with lots of other HAMs with whom they would communicate as and when the heavens, time and weather allowed them.
I have not taken the exam, therefore have no call-sign as they are allocated post exam, so I am not a part of the club. Yes, I hear Morse code, and decode it to read that SP4DNX had a strong signal at 11:04Hrs, but I cannot share that with him as I am unable to transmit, or even get his  details from the net to let him know I heard his contact.
I hear RTTY (Radioteletype (RTTY) is a telecommunications system consisting originally of two or more electromechanical teleprinters in different…) as well, and decoding that I hear people as far away as Italy, Moscow, Scandinavia are broadcasting in the hopes of learning how far their signals carry, but I hear them and cannot let them know.
I am starting to find other things on the radio waves too, things the ordinary listener maybe never hears and that for me is intriguing. I hope to share some of those things here soon.

On-Line Games and Bad People

April 3, 2013

So I retired from work, that is, retired from sitting at a desk all day staring at computer screens and started to find myself at home, sitting at the computer all day, playing games such as World of Warcraft, Eve-online and others. I got hooked, and found myself playing from first thing till bedtime.
With time on my hands, I was able to invest 10 hours, 14 hours and sometimes 16 hours a day fighting bad guys, planting turnips and pvp’ing my way to oblivion. It’s a strange thought, but I had to tell myself that most of the players were way younger than my sixty odd years.

Many of the other players I interacted with were quite possibly, from the way they used grammar, diction and communicative skills, five years shy of their fifteenth birthday. For  some, the image of a sixty year old player was too much to comprehend and they demonstrated this with vile communications, un-civil manners and stupidity that would earn then them more than a slap if their parents were watching.

I have been a communications technician since I joined the Royal Air Force in 1967, I have built and owned computers since they first became available, and one, a kit called the UK101, had a whopping 1k of memory, one thousand  and twenty four bits, smaller than many cookies in this day and age. Yet other players assumed I was stupid, uneducated, prepubescent and or worse, a target for their own filth and venomous attacks.

I have learned playing on-line games requires a considerably thick skin, the ability to effectively remove yourself socially and the need to ignore anything that interacts with you that you find distasteful. If I had children, I would unplug them and send them outside to play, in the fresh air, with physical, not pixel, toys.
The very best aid to surviving on-line games, is the ability to switch off the ‘game’ and do something else, anything at all, but to tear yourself away from doing whatever it is you are doing at the time.

Some of the things I do, is write blogs, grab the camera and shoot at something, work on the engineering tasks I have in the shed, grab the piano keyboard and wind up the headphone volume, write my php for my text tasks, grab the iPad and sit somewhere nice and chill watching youtube rubbish, even grab the flight simulator and fly my aeroplane across the Rockies to San Luis Obispo.

It does not matter what I do, as long as I severe that connection with rude, childish and ignorant people I found on the web playing games.

The more I stop playing World of Warcraft, Eve-online, Aion, Star Wars et al, the better I feel in myself and the more I enjoy my days.

Remove anonymity from the web?

April 3, 2013

Until the birth of the Internet, privacy was what you made it for most people. Celebrities such as senior politicians, movie stars and sports heroes, their lives spilled over into the media, the media that helped them make their fame. They may have had the funds and opportunity to lead a dual life, a secret life divorced from the media, but for the main, if their lives were hyped up by the media, they sacrificed some anonymity in order to reap financial or other reward.

The average person could walk along any street away from their home, in any town, and unless they made an effort to appear conspicuous, they were as anonymous and private as they wanted to be. It was and still is accepted, that if you make no attempt to force yourself into the public eye, publicity will pass you by as silently as the clouds cover the night-time stars. We accepted that any photograph taken in a public place was as free from restriction, as if the observer was at the point the picture was taken.

Then, along came the Internet and introduced more people to the nasty side of normality. Normal people when talking to strangers were polite. If asked who they were, they could, and still can, tell a lie. It is normal to lie to strangers in order to protect yourself, your thoughts or your intentions. Telling a lie is not a crime for the most part.

If a person approached a total stranger, swore at them, called them nasty names and tried to assault them, that person would feel the force of reprisal, counter-attack or the hand of a police officer, and quite rightly so. Yet, with today’s internet demand for anonymity, that person believes he has a right to be obtuse, offensive and as mean spirited as he wants to be without fear of retribution.

Anonymity on the web is not a right, social values are not swept to one side simply because  the internet occupies the time and space between the offender and the victim. If every person who used the internet did so in the knowledge that they could be held responsible for their foul mouthed unwanted interjections, the web would be a much nicer place.

If you would not say it in front of your aunt, you should not be saying it on the web to total strangers. I read an article on the internet pages of a national newspaper and was unsurprised at the vileness of the comments and the scathing attacks on the correspondent and other contributors.

Facebook and Twitter are laced with off colour remarks and opinions, filth, stupidity, foul-mouthed offensive remarks seem to be the norm in this day and age, civility for many seems to be consigned to the scrapheap. Is it time to remove the ability to be anonymous, and time to introduce responsibility for our words and actions on the net?

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