Give Scotland Independence.

Ordinarily, I would vote that we made Great Britain stronger, we should argue for more influence overseas, we should invest in manufacturing as we have the world’s best engineers and tradesmen in the world. I would vote that we strengthen our manufacturing, financial and scientific strengths until we can better dominate the world economy.

Where do you thing the term Great Britain came from, by being the best in the world, being the strongest in the world and by being the home of invention, the sciences and engineering. That is what made Great Britain great.

We fought wars in other countries because we owned those countries, we had all their products and their peoples. We not only protected what was ours, but what was theirs too.  We protected our freedom to  go anywhere in the world for any reason, we could practice our religion anywhere and at any time. We collected taxes from nearly every country in the world, and that made Britain strong beyond comprehension. We painted most of the map pink, most of the globe had ‘(U.K.)’ next to the name of almost every island in the World.

Great Britain, with Wales, Scotland and Ireland gave us a base to be the World Superpower.
Ok, so now things are not so good, but it is ok. As a world Power, we have come back from less, but if Scotland wants now to separate from us, then my vote is to build that wall north of Cumberland once again and seal it up. 

The Scots seem unwilling to want to be a part of the greatest nation this planet has ever known, so my view is simply to let them have their freedom.

We would have to withdraw our military from their lands, and our currency would be no longer available to them. The oil we discovered in the North Sea we will have to pipe to England instead of Scotland, but that’s ok as we own the Shetlands and can use that as an oil base. Scotland will pay nicely for Oil and Gas from us.

The Scots have no National Health, so they will end up paying for every prescription at market rates, sadly, the poor will become very poor, and the unemployed will become destitute and homeless as they do not have our financial wealth to support a beneficial social system. They have little farming, so will be buying their food on the open market, benefitting the Brits as suppliers of grain and meat and milk.

The Scottish armed forces will  be folded, as when the Queen rescinds her allegiance to them, they will have no commander in chief, unless you count a rather boisterous politician as being that. Let us recap,  no Army Air force or Navy, no healthcare, no banking and no oil or gas, their feudal land barons will fight among themselves for territory with what, sheep, fishing and golf?

Scotland will be begging to be let back into the European Union as that membership will cease when they separate from us, but with a nation poorer than Cyprus I fear they have little chance of gaining entry, as it does not take that much to see they would be forever cap in hand looking to the EU to bail them out.

Is it sad that Scotland wants to leave the Union of the Strongest society with the most freedoms, yes it is, but think about it, what do you do with dead wood?


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