Whitehall set up the Scots to fail.

It is going to take guts to plant the Saltire and promise it will always fly free. It will take a remarkable person to deliver the pledge and a remarkable nation to make it happen. And we are in good luck, as we have an abundance of remarkable people in Scotland, and the Nation of Scotland, is truly a remarkable nation.

Picture if you will, two young lassies holding the Saltire while being surrounded by Unionists, defying anyone to take that flag from them, defending it on camera for the world to see. Two young lassies, remarkable. This is the pride the people of Scotland find in themselves, and I don’t just mean those in the #Yes camp, but many of those who voted for the #bettertogether are true and loyal Scots who want nothing more than to see a strong, safe and prosperous Scotland.

So what went wrong, and why on earth were two young girls being surrounded by an angry mob of strong Scotland supporters? let me set aside one fact though, many people who were in the crowds, in the market squares and squaring up with flags draped askew, hold nothing but malice in the minds, and they would not know a Scot from a hole in the ground, many were there for the beer, the chant, and the after match fight.

How did we let the British Government drive a wedge between family members, between clubs and groups of like minded Scots, how did we let them fill so many empty corners with indecision and corruption? We knew they would lie, they would cheat, and we knew they would do their best to pull the wool over our eyes? I think I have an answer, because we thought for one moment they would play fair and that was the reason the movement for independence lost so many last minute votes.

They seized the opportunity to alter the lies and facts in such a way that before anyone could rebuff them, they were seizing the minds of the undecided. They told truths, of sorts, but in such a way that it was plausible. We did not set ourselves up before hand to counter their insipid intervention. Whitehall set up the Scots to fail and they did this in agreeing to specific wording in the referendum. I don’t know what words should have been used, but in hindsight, the actual words used were to create a wedge between political parties, not Scotsmen and women seeking greater autonomy.

The Scots were divided by their political views and as like many, the vast majority of a population do not follow the legalities of fine political argument, we elect clever people to do that for us, it is no wonder so many were undecided, all they knew was it was important to choose the right political view, but which was it. Yet they were all Scots, and they all wanted something better, not a fight against their neighbour, not to lose their pension, or worry if the money will dry out before the week is over.

It was indeed the wrong question, and the question was created in London and the Scots needing something took it, and cheered and waved a flag or two. Yes sadly, I understand we gave the upper hand to London. We fell into the liars trap, and then they cheated on us and reneged on us. Now they use it divide further, making promises that apply only when they win a next election, and I can warn everyone, they will even try to make laws to make it impossible to break away in the future.

Whitehall set up the Scots to fail.

by Kaela Street 21st September 2014


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