Endless Advertising we pay for

Every day, on the Radio, on television, on buses and tubes, on the web, at home, in the mail and on your blue ray discs you are being assaulted by endless advertising. You are paying for it handsomely. Most of televisions revenue comes from advertising, certainly with Satellite providers, the bulk of their income is from advertising. Buses and Tubes get paid an absolute fortune to push their advertising to be in your face whether you want it or not.

The internet sadly, is the single largest generator of advertising. To get the adverts to you, you have to pay for the internet connection and the advertising is given priority over the content you actually want to see.

Have you tried YouTube for example, with adverts at the beginning and in the middle of many video short, in some cases the advert is longer than the short you want to see. Funny cats become not so funny when you have to wait while a galling ambulance chaser advert you have no need of sits there playing its toneless moronic advert.

Our email providers electronically read our emails just to see if there is mention of a product they can tailor an advert for. Don’t believe me, try this simple trick. Send an email to a trusted friend and name a product, a telescope, new sofa, a new car your thinking about buying, or a holiday in Florida. Wait just a few hours and then open your browsers, Bingo, adverts tailored to your every whim, only its untrue.

The money is not in the product that may be bought or sold as a result of the advertising, the money is in the advert itself. Your bus seat is more expensive than it needs to be as someone has to pay for the advertising, the free web mail has to be paid for by advertising, the newspapers are supported not by News, but by endless advertising.

You know, if I go into a petrol station, I want to see adverts for cheap screen cleaner and or de-icer in the winter, and maybe those windscreen wipers as well, but I do not want to see them when I check my email before going to work at five thirty on a morning.

Advertising has become the single biggest investment machine in today’s economic world, in fact the IAB (iab.net) say the following “Thursday, April 10, 2014 2013 Internet Ad Revenues Soar To $42.8 Billion, Hitting Landmark High & Surpassing Broadcast Television For The First Time—Marks a 17% Rise Over Record-Setting Revenues in 2012”.

Forty Two thousand million dollars, and it does nothing for nurses, supermarket sales, poverty, better roads or railways, nothing at all for the hungry, the uneducated, the poor, nothing whatsoever for the military, better government or better food, nothing at all for, well, you get the idea.

I am getting tired of unwanted advertising that I have to pay for with my internet, my mail and the stuff the postman stuffs in my door each day, tired of the lies and promises for things and stuff I have no need for, no desire for and absolutely no intention of buying, ever.

By Kaela Street. 24Th September 2014


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