Thieving Butchers

By Kaela Street 24th September 2014

With deep regret I have to tell you that you are being cheated. I know this is not new, the Government have been cheating us for years, the Police cheat us daily and shopkeepers regularly cheat us when all we want to buy some meat. Now I cannot say for sure that Sainsbury’s are deliberately putting a thumb on the scales, nor can I say any supermarket is breaking the law by entering into a contract to sell a product, then selling something different. That would, after all, be against the law.

In days gone by, weighing scales had to have a scale that was visible to both the Customer and the Vendor, that way each could see the weight of the product, say, a kilo of prime beef and thus a contract entered into that was fair to both parties, and legally binding. However, some vendors were less scrupulous than other vendors, and they may have tipped the scale in their favour by accidentally placing their thumb on the scales pan while the meat was being weighed. That way, the customer paid for weight he did not receive.

When did you last see your meat weighed on a scale before your eyes, I bet for most of us, that had not happened in a long while, and like me, you probably believe what you read on the label of the packet of meat you have picked up from the shelf. But have you noticed how the meat, when cooked either spits all over the place sending showers of oil droplets onto everything within range of the stove top? Bacon has to be fried in a dry pan for a few moments to let the water boil off before the meat starts to cook, initially it is poached!

If you use something like a Foreman Grill with a catcher tray, take a look at the amount of water pours off nest time you do pork, beef or chicken. You see, Butchers are placing their thumbs on the scales tricking you to buy chicken and water, beef and water or pork, and added water. They tell you it plumps up the meat, and makes it more tender. That I say is utter codswallop, it is cheating.

You enter into a contract to buy a kilo of beef, and you end up with a glass of water, some beef and a pile of unwanted unhealthy chemicals. Putting water into meat, by way of tumbling, needs chemicals to be added to enhance the flavour and retain the water. Messing about with meat in this way turns a huge profit to butchers and supermarkets. They have found another way to rip off the public and they seem to be getting away with it.

Thieving Butchers

By Kaela Street 24th September 2014


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