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Blind man tasered.

October 17, 2012

Some things trouble me for one reason or another, and some things that troubled me at one time, no longer cause me too much concern. The problem with ageing is that perspective changes over time, and our lens on life become a tad more focused on things that really matter. Things that matter as we grow older are for the most part, incomprehensible until we are faced with with the realisation, they are important.


To learn that a man, an older man with failing eyesight, reliant upon a white stick when out and about, was taken for a sword wielding hooligan beggars belief. Importantly in this story, the aggressive police officer who used a taser on him for no other reason than the officer felt this slow walking, blind man was a genuine threat to public safety. It was a good job the victim had his back to the officer in question, else the officer would have seen the look of abject horror on the old man's face.


In Cyprus in 1974, I had cause to shout at a man to identify himself before I fired a round from my rifle. I warned him I was armed and that if he failed to stop, I would fire. Said in English, and as I was in Cyprus, I used Greek and Turkish words as well. My shouted warning was clear and many people stopped, turned to face the shouting man and gave me time to assess the situation. No shot was fired that time, no man was hurt or worse.


My troubled concern tells me now, that somehow I find it hard to believe that a british police officer, could fail to give proper warning before doing something harmful to a member of the public. Thank heavens the officer was not armed with live ammunition. But what of the officers training, was it adequate and comprehensive, do his supervisors know by how much they have failed the taxpayer?


As I get a little older, I see more clearly what things matter more, and if I had been there at the time, that officer would have woken up in a hospital.


Beeping Carbon Monoxide Detector, SF350EN

December 19, 2011


last night the carbon monoxide detector you gave us, started to emit a single beep every few moments. I know this means the battery is low. My partner hid the thing so we could sleep and deal later.

I called the given number and listened to an awful lot of stuff before getting to the point, wait for it, you wont believe me here,. but the voice instructed me to find a cocktail stick or electricians screwdriver…

The robotic voice carried on while I searched for the said items and then told me to press number nine. I did so, no effect, wait, yes… I got a dial tone…
Now I had the detector going beep every moment or so and a cocktail stick. I started to poke the cocktail stick in each of its little holes trying to work out why I was armed with a small wooden pointy thing.

I jabbed a number of small holes and then broke the end off the cocktail stick. No problem, I have another stick, and retrieved it. The device still beeps quite alarmingly every moment. Batteries may be flat or not, but this thing refuses to die no matter what hole I jab with cocktail sticks. It’s hard to believe in this day and age of sophisticated electronic equipment, a company uses its help line to promote a magazine for a product I have never used and then tells me to arm myself with a cocktail stick.

Now, we have a beeping carbon monoxide detector and a small pile of broken cocktail sticks, so I tried to call another number, useless, so threw the whole shebang into the waste bin in the kitchen.

It still beeps.

I retrieved it from the waste bin.(but left the broken cocktail sticks in the bin)

I recall that some detectors have toxic metals inside them, I don’t know if they are safely contained or not, I have to assume they ( the toxic metals) are open to the air and are used as part of the Carbon Monoxide detection.

So now, to be more accurate, I have a plastic container, containing toxic metals, sitting on my counter top annoying the hell out of me and beeping in a manner to frustrate.

Please, can you let me know:-
a) How to get rid of it.
b) How to replace it?

Most sincerely Yours

Visiting my younger sister.

September 10, 2011

Decided to visit my sister in her new house. Took the iPad to blog with, but had such a good time, completely forgot to write anything. So posted this picture before set off for home.


It started as overcast, but improved minute by minute.

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